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Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy, Happy Mutt

I came from just the other day and saw another dog in our backyard. I must have been seeing things. I rubbed my eyes and he was gone! But when I rubbed my eyes again, guess what I saw trotting happily back around the house?

Mayzie said, “maybe mom and dad bought her for us!”
I liked the thought of it, but, I said, “ no, I don’t think so.”

When I was done with homework, mom told us that she was a stray and we named her Happy Mutt I went out to play with her. Suddenly WHAM! She jumped up on me with exhaling force. I thought if I was on the couch she’d stop. But I sat and she jumped up. She licked, she slobbered, she did everything to show she was happy.

I spent a few more fun days with her. If no one claimed her, the Jorgensen's were going to keep her. Before we could give her over to the Jorgensen's, Mom found Happy Mutt's family.

Good bye happy, Happy Mutt


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Mayzie said...

I just want to ask you , how long ago did you white this (Happy Happy Mutt) because i thinking you did it a while and a long time ago? Actilly i think you whote it in the very begining of your blog. And so if you did tell me because now i think you did it in the very midll of your blog and even now i think you did it in the end of the blog so you post me back and tell me when you did so see ya latter and make sour you show me how to sign up for builders club!