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Monday, May 12, 2008

Field Trip

I had just woken up, and I looked at my alarm clock. Well, what do you know?! It was 3:27a.m.! I had 3 minuets 'till my alarm went off, and three minuets later,… waiting,… waiting,… Okay! That was it! I couldn’t stand it! I looked back at my clock…2 seconds left…2…1…Beep, Beeep! Beep, Beeep! Bee-. I turned my alarm off. Time for a
Grand Canyon Field Trip!
Ready to go.
I couldn’t believe the school was making me wake up so early! But it was worth it!

When I got to school I said, "goodbye" and got on the bus. I tried to go to sleep but I was already fully awake. A few hours later, after taking a few pictures (Very funny. I must have taken twenty.), I had to take another picture of something very interesting because it wasn’t like the one you would have at home and… you guessed it!!... The…Yes, I know, the toilet. WHAT??! You didn’t guess it?!? Well,…fine... You’ve convinced me! No one would have guessed that!

Not your standard loo.

When I got to the Grand Canyon I don’t doubt you've guessed one bit!... Click, Flash! Click, Flash! I don't know how many times I fell behind because I was so interested in super-cool pictures. (Especially the ones of sticks!!)

Then out of the shadows, out of the nightmares of little kid's sleep... We had to hold onto the person in front, and close our eyes. But the scary part was that…

I couldn’t take any more pictures!

When I was finally allowed to open my eyes, I was standing directly in front of the large, huge, deep, and pretty scary, and some-people-must-have-their-worst-nightmares-about-falling-off-of, the grand Grand Canyon. What? You think it wasn’t scary?!? I was at the edge! To prove it, take a look at my slide show at the end of this post!

You might say, I was on the edge.

We were handed little note books. I mean tiny! They had a cover, a chapter one with a few questions inside which was only a page long, chapters 2 and 3 that only fit on 1 page, and last, but not least, an epilogue in the back that we were actually supposed to draw a picture of the Grand Canyon on.

Our guide asked some questions and we wrote down the answers in our note books.
We took a hike that was at least 1/8 of a mile long and then sat near the edge and did some research.

During our “research” we learned about 7 kinds of rock that all help make the Grand Canyon more beautiful with the help of plants like the many pine trees that live there.

I love nature! We looked at many types of fossils.

Once again we took a hike. This time it was at least a mile long. But I did get some great snapshots! Yes, that means: Click, Flash! Click, Flash! We finally sat down and took a rest.

We learned that there used to be an ocean a whole mile deeper than the Grand Canyon in the same area. That means the ocean that was once there was two miles deep! We know about the ocean because of the fossils.

Yes, another hike. But this time we got to draw in our epilogue. The guide showed us a tiny triangle of green at the bottom. That was all you could see of the Colorado River. The guide left and we were roaming free. We took a crammed bus to the gift shop. Then we had to hike 1/8 of a mile to the gift shop. Even at such a short distance, I was dieing by the time I got there. We walked into the gift shop. I had only $5.00 on me. I so wanted to buy a miniature pocket knife, but, they were $5.99. I finally found the candy section! (HALLELUJAH!) There was a sign that said:

That was only a part of it. I bought a “king sized” Kit-Kat, and Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.

We all went outside and I ate my Reece’s. Then somebody yelled, “chipmunk!” I suddenly swung into action and ran over with my gear, which was my camera! I tried taking a picture but the camera was off! As I turned on my top secret instruments of the Click, Flash, I thought in my mind, “Houston, we have a problem! Our instruments are not working!” I finally got the camera on and took a picture of…

nothing. The chipmunk had moved. I stared wide-eyed at

nothing, A big piece of

nothing, A gap between the garbage can and the wall,

nothing. I was staring at a picture of


I ran around with my friends chasing the chipmunk. It was fun. I took at least twenty five pictures of him. That’s what me and my class say. We named him Alvin.

Mom says Alvin is actually a squirrel.

While I was having fun, the rest of my class got to do what I was begging to do! They hiked a bit down into the canyon. They got to a spot where it sloped toward the wall. My teacher wanted to take a picture. So they slowly tried to hike toward the wall. Some kids kept slipping so the teacher had to teach them to hike side-ways.

When they got back, the bus was almost there. When it got there we got on, and someone pointed out a deer! I missed it with the camera so you wont see it in the slide show. On the way home, we watched Under Dog. Then we went to McDonald’s. I got a hamburger. Then we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks. When it was over, I deleted bad pictures. I took pictures of myself. The flash really hurt because it was pitch black outside. Check out the hysterically funny pictures of my face!

Then I dared… to take a picture of the class. I closed my eyes, and held the camera above my head… FLASH! AAaahg!”, yelled the class. I acted like it wasn’t me. The kid sitting next to me was laughing so hard!

We finally got home. The day had come to an end. Goodnight, school. Goodnight, students, and friends. Good night, Grand Canyon.