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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trombone Lessons

Trombone lessons….

I got up and did all my morning chores. I was going to have trom

… to be continued…

bone lessons.

Laugh, laugh, laugh.

But I don’t remember what happened that day. That was a long time ago. Repeated. A long time ago.

The end. The end. The
… to be continued…

End. There, that’s all. Yes.

The Apple...

Once apon a house, and a dinner table. There was a big apple. It was probably two times the size of a normal apple!! The apple weighed a pound and a half!

And it ate me. And I’m gone. I never wrote this.

The apple is writing now!

I did not literally eat me… I ate the boy who was going to eat me, who had a family who was going to eat me, who would have told his friends about me.

***eyes widen***

Who also would have wanted to eat me.

Uh-oh. It’s the boy.

I’m aliiiiiiiiive!!!!!!

The apple says, “I rest my case.”

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello world! I am typing out my blog again!
Happy. :)
It was early in the morning when Meeka came to wake me up. Sad. :(
“Meeka! What are you doing!!?”
“Are you o.k.?”
Sad. :(
So, I got up and Meeka asked, “Can we play army men?”
I said, “OK.”
So, we got out the army box, but I noticed that I had taken some of my army men to Grandma’s to play with Zane one day. And I forgot to take them home.
“We don’t have enough, Meeka!”
“But we don’t have to play with a lot!”
“Well, I think we do.”
So, I went downstairs and had breakfast.
After breakfast, I went back upstairs, and asked Dad, “Would you sign me up for Builder’s Club?”
He told me, “Not until you memorize the Martin Luther King Jr. recital.”
Sad. :(
We had to go to Friends of Scouting. When we got there, I had a cinnamon roll, and a chocolate chip muffin. We were told to go to three different houses, including our own. They said we had to be back by ten o’clock and it was only 8:30a.m. So, we decided to go back home and wait. It shouldn’t take an hour-and-a-half to visit three homes (including our own).

While I waited, I practiced my Martin Luther King speech recital. It wasn’t too hard to memorize.

We went back to Friends of Scouting, after visiting all of the houses.

At 10:30 I had my After Christmas Piano Recital. I played “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” My Mom says, I did great, but unfortunately, the camera battery died while I was playing. The program said, it shouldn’t take more than an hour and a half, it took less than an hour. I ate one donut, two slices of cantaloupe, and drank some orange juice.

Since I forgot to tell Daddy to sign me up for builders club when we got home, and it was just about time to leave to go to Grandma’s house (my Mom was going to the Temple) he said, “You should have told me earlier. I’ll sign you up next weekend.”

Sad. :(

We went to Grandma’s and I played around with Zane for a little while, and with Mr. Bix. Grandpa printed out the Davy Crockett song, and we sang that. It was looooooooooong. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG.

When Mom got back, we picked up somebody and went to Dad’s car show at the Pavillions. I walked around and took pictures for most of the time.

When we got home, I was very tired. Sad. :(

The end. True story. There.